Let me help you with your Search Engine Optimization

Greetings from Hill Country Photography! As the proud owner of visitcomfort.us, a successful website promoting Comfort, Texas, I understand the impact of a robust online presence. In today’s digital age, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is paramount for small businesses.

SEO is not just about ranking high on search engines; it’s about ensuring your business gets noticed by potential customers. As someone deeply embedded in the local community, I recognize the challenges small businesses face in investing hefty sums in year-long SEO contracts.

Here at Hill Country Photography, I offer tailored SEO solutions that prioritize effectiveness without breaking the bank. My approach revolves around enhancing your website’s visibility, improving search engine rankings, and attracting more visitors—all at an affordable price.

Drawing from the success of visitcomfort.us, a testament to the power of strategic SEO on a budget, I am passionate about empowering local businesses in the hill country. With a focus on practical and cost-effective strategies, I ensure your business stands out amidst the digital clutter without the burden of extensive contracts.

Let’s work together to elevate your online presence, drive more traffic to your website, and showcase the unique offerings of your Hill Country business.

How SEO works

We use VisitComfort.US as a sample of how SEO works and what issues you could have. 

Ranking at the top

We know how to improve your website’s SEO to get you high into the searches. 

Keyword Research

We do your keyword research for you so we know how to get your website to the top of the website. 

Crawl Depth issues

Your best content should be reachable with three clicks or less. We are able it verify that or fix it for you. 


With our 3D-Visualization we are able to see issues in your directory tree and be able to fix it.

Canonicalization issues

Canonicalization happens when more than one page has the same content and Google chooses a different website than the one you want Google to index. We can help with that. 

Meta Description issues

The Meta Description explains on Google and Bing what your page is about. We will help you to find the best Meta Description to convert impressions to clicks.

Title Tag issues

Google and other search engines user title tags to understand what a website is about. Keeping title tags organized and relevant insures that Google will show the right page to the right person.

Thin Content issues

Google won’t index pages that lack substantial information. We know Google’s indexing guidelines and will help you to create content that fulfills user intent and provides high-value content for users and search engines.