Food for the Soul Bistro

Food for the Soul Bistro

702 High Street

Comfort, Texas


I ordered a pulled pork sandwich which comes with fries or homemade chips. I got it with fries and here it comes. 
It is a good-sized meal and tastes great. With it, you can have iced tea, water, or canned sodas. I go with the iced tea since we are in Texas after all and iced tea is great for any event and food. 

Look at this beautifully made sandwich. It has pulled pork, onions, sliced pickles, lettuce, homemade BBQ sauce, and a couple of items that make this a great sandwich. If you like pulled pork and you need a nice meal, Food for the Soul Bistro is defiantly a place to go to. Afterward, you will have the energy to check out the rest of our beautiful town.

But wait, I have more. The Philly Cheese is also a great sandwich for the hungry. This one came with homemade chips but you can also have fries or anything else you like to. While I had this on a different day, I also had iced tea with it as it’s just great on a hot summer day to have a nice Philly cheese and some iced tea. 
With the Philly Cheese, they add bell peppers, jalapenos, onions, and more. I am not a food critic, so I don’t know all the ingredients and I didn’t want to wait and ask since it’s just so tasty. 

So check out Food for the Soul bistro when you come to Comfort as this place has a great selection of lunch items and has a Friday and Saturday night steak dinner. 
They also offer wine since there is a wine bar in the same building. 
When you go, make sure you say hello to Wade, Kathy, or Diana. They will be happy to serve you their food and wine and make this the best stay you had at a restaurant or bistro in a long time.