The Kendalia General Store a burger place with charm.

The Kendalia General Store is like the name says a small-town store that has everything. From Chainsaws new and old, check out the picture with these antique ones, to other small garden appliances, spare parts, snacks, and burgers. I am coming to the burgers later and want to show you a little more of this vintage and unique store in the little town of Kendaila. 
Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the outside since I only had the idea for the blog after we left Kandelia. Now here is my first entry of places we visited in Texas and the USA.

Let’s talk about the food they have. Which are burgers without fries. They also have chips, ice cream, and other small snacks but we came for the burger which were quite good. From the outside, you would never imagine that the burgers are that good. So check out the picture to the right as that’s how you get it served. Simple and straightforward. 

And here is the double Cheeseburger in its full beauty. The cheese is melted into the burger patties and the tomato, onions, and lettuce as well as pickles es are underneath it all to give you a real mouthful of flavors. 
This is quite different than the ones that put it on the top and this little trick makes it so much better. 

So this was my first post about the Kendalia General Store. Check out the map below to find this store and head over there yourself and get a burger on your own. 
Also, something important to remember, the store only takes Cash. I believe it said an ATM is in the store, but we didn’t check it out.