Have you ever thought of getting an aerial picture of your home? We will tell you how you can get aerial pictures in the Hill Country.
Many have and in the past, this was an expensive endeavor. You needed to hire an aerial photo company that took an airplane with a photographer and flew above your house to take some pictures. Pictures would be expensive while the quality was just ok.

An aerial drone picture we took for a customer near the Hill Country of Texas.
A drone picture taken near Katy, Texas

Nowadays with drones, it’s quite easy.
You send us an email and we will contact you with a price for such a picture. In general, this would be $150 including basic editing.

Now does the getting aerial pictures in the Hill Country work?
After we know the location and get all airspace authorizations, we will make an appointment with you to meet you at your property. We take a couple of pictures with the drone.
A day or two later you will get your pictures in a download folder on our Google drive.
If you want us to print your picture, this is all an option for an additional fee.

An aerial drone picture taken in San Antonio. Yes we service not only the Hill Country but also San Antonio.
An Aerial picture taken in San Antonio

This is the easiest and fastest way to get a print of your property. It’s a great Christmas or Birthday present and holds its value for a long time.
Don’t wait and email us with your location and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We also take drone pictures for real estate. Send us an email and we will send you our standard contract for real estate services. We are the best choice in the hill country and several realtors choose us for our price advantage, fast turn around time, and great service.

Hill Country Photography is your aerial and ground-based photography service in the Hill Country.
We serve Boerne, Comfort, Fredericksburg, Kerrville, Bandera, and more. Contact us for more information and how you can get aerial pictures in the Hill Country friendly service.

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